Gardening Tips For The Fall Season

Gardening Tips For The Fall Season


Fall represents a lot of things – cooler temperatures, beautiful mornings, smaller days and also selective agricultural proceeds. With the mercury cooling down, you might begin to wonder what the ideal ways to transform your garden would be – not forgetting the right mix of plants and shrubs to dedicate sufficient fullness around. We give you some simple, accessible and cost effective gardening tip for the upcoming fall season.

1.  Expanding the expanse

A good layout of plants and shrubs on a horizontal level, playing around with sizes is an ideal way of bringing out the depth across the fence. Lower shrubs against taller flower beds will add color and pattern to your garden.

2.  A good soak at larger intervals

When fall sets in, it is a good idea to water your plants well at one go, postponing the next watering schedule to a few more hours. This way, you can ensured the roots get plenty of time to soak in the water.

3. Think berries!

Berried not just add flavor to your taste buds, but they also add the much needed color during the falls. Plant strawberries and rest assured you will have some tiny visitors (we mean butterflies) adding sparkle to your garden shed.

4. Play with flowering plants and other varieties

It is a good idea to incorporate a number of varieties of plants. Thus whether they are blooming for not, you have bagged in texture and flavor. Plants like hellebores, hosta plants are great to have blooming flowers throughout winter.

5.  Mineralize!

For a great green cover, it is important to check for sufficient iron and magnesium content in the soil. Strike an ideal balance in the minerals to reap a gorgeous and greener grass.

6. Use Mulch

Using mulch around the base of the plant helps it retain water effectively during cold months.